WORD share & GRATITUDE share

Every day, every hour, every minute even second, we always get His Bless and Grace. We are breathing, looking at¬†amazing views, listening to our favorite musics, eating tasty food, and there are still ¬†many days when we feel comfort. Who make us have those pleasure…? I bet they are many… and have we said thanks to them…??? Well, it may be rarely (May it’s wrong!).

Just think about a little story or moment you got with him/her/them last days that it has made you so big now. Express your GRATITUDE to them and SHARE why you do this to your friends. This is what my students do in turns in the beginning of class. Well, students themselves daily open the class. Great!!

Another thing we do before that is WORD SHARE. It encourages students to think about unfamiliar word and share it to their friends. Students can bring the words in any forms, such as by telling their friends about their family, friends, or unforgettable stories… By enjoying and listening to their stories, we have fun and learn new things.

I just got these two ideas (Word share & Gratitude share) from an English program in a school where I have teaching practice during this two months. The idea is really simple, but you will know the result is much awesome….