No Progress but Much Fun

“If you stop struggling, then you stop life”.

~Huey Newton~

Today should be a busy day for working on my capstone project report. It should be a meaningful day when I could use the time for writing the remain part of the discussion. Yet, the real was otherwise. It’s like I collected all used clothes in the basket because I was going to clean them all; but, I didn’t do that instead of hanging out with my pals and left the contents of the baskets more and more. Then… the next day, I became a pitiable laundry person.. lol..

That’s the story you might hear from a girl who’s used to doing the daily chores about the dorm while having a bunch of assignments. Well, the assignments would not be a burden if she could really work on them regularly. Yeay, I know it.. but still I could not be persistently working on one thing. There’s so many attractive things coming up from every side in which I could not control. Not all were bad. The attractive ones always drove me crazy. Chit chatting, playing together, gossiping were fun. Right!!

Let’s back to the first story why I couldn’t finish the report. I got so  much fun today so that I forgot about the value of the report progress. That’s me. There should not be much fun for serious work. My ideas would blow up  and my notes more scattered. There should be some silent moment when I am really focusing on one case, the REPORT.  Okay, I also need much fun for my life, because without that it may be so empty  (can’t imagine that T.T). However, life might become meaningless when I felt of not doing a meaningful act T.T.

I am keeping writing on (maybe) this unclear note of diary telling  my story today. You might be feeling strange, dull, and nothing while reading it. It’s okay because it means you’re still conscious, lol. I am writing this post to support and inspire myself to this awesome project. Then.. this is the conclusion of this night self-talk. “Nothing is impossible when I always pray and keep struggling… Never try to be procrastinating…” (Me).


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