SEP: Lesson Plan of English in Secondary School Level

As a pre-service teacher, I’m very lucky and grateful for having a real teaching experience in some public and private schools in Jakarta.  I can get this precious experience through School Experience Program (SEP) that is held by my campus, Sampoerna School of Education, collaborating with its school partners. This program helps the students to have real experiences of their future career field as well as to improve their skills and professionalism. In this program, students have an opportunity to go to school for two weeks in each semester.

There is a particular activity that student should do in each year. The first year students should do an observation of the classroom/school they are assigned. The second year students will be assigned to become teacher assistants. Next, students should do peer-teaching or even individual teaching in the third and fourth year.  Such description is what has been written on the document of the program. In fact, most of us mostly have been requested to teach the students by our master teacher since in the first year.

Well, that’s actually my introduction here. These are some of lesson plans including the materials that I ever designed for teaching. Enjoy….!

Lesson Plan for Grade X:

Lesson plan_Grade X_News item text_Reading – SMA

Lesson Plan_Grade X_Describing People_Writing – SMA

Lesson Plan_Grade X_Degree of Comparison – SMK

Lesson Plan_Grade X_Adjective in Series – SMK


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