Some students may be still confused to differentiate between descriptive and report text. That’s I knew during school experience program. As I became a teacher assistant at that time, I ever designed the material discussing about those texts. This following description will tell you about differences between descriptive and report text. 🙂

Report Text

  • Generic Structure   : 1. General classification 2. Description part per part
  • Language Features : 1. Introducing group or general aspect 2. Using conditional logical connection 3. Using Simple Present Tense

Descriptive Text

  • Generic Structure   : 1. Identification 2. Description in parts or each characteristic
  • Language Features : 1. Using Simple Present Tense 2. Using action verb 3. Using adverb 4. Using special technical terms

The more detail explanation is in the following:

Then, let’s see the examples of those texts.

That’s all about report and descriptive text.  🙂




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