EFL/ESL Writing Issue: Process Vs. Product

Have you got writing assignment? If yes, how often is that assignment given? how long do you finish your writing? Then, have you consulted your writing to your teacher/lecturer so that you can improve your writing? Or just keep writing until the last minutes at the end of the date? What do you think about that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Talking about the final product of writing and its process may become a common issue among students and teachers in writing courses .ย What are they actually? Letโ€™s see one by one.


The product of writing can be in the form of essay, report, story, journal and etc. The composition of the product of writing are always measured and supposed to meet criteria that may include content, organization, vocabulary use, grammatical use and mechanical considerations. Because teachers only look at the product, they cannot know how the way the writing made.


The writing process enggages students to write in drafts. Through the process writing, teachers can see the students’ writing improvement. ย The process of writing includes the following instructions.

  • Allowing students to discover their own voice which can be in the form of freewriting, journaling, and fluency activities
  • Giving authentic tasks and a sense of audience that engage learners in meaningful writing
  • Encouraging invention, prewriting, and revision strategies.
  • Providing formative feedbacks
  • Focusing on the process of writing that leads to the final written product

There is no the best writing process because they support each other. No matter what writing process teachers choose, process or product, certainly should be adapted with the situation of students. As a student, I just propose that accustoming to using those processes in writing our project/paper is the best choice.

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9 thoughts on “EFL/ESL Writing Issue: Process Vs. Product

  1. ‘Process influence product’, something that is true but people are not really aware of this. People think that writing is an instant product. In one “ting”, one’s writing will be a good product.
    However, by writing regularly and keeping it as a habit, product of writing will automatically improved time by time..

  2. I do agree with faris comment.
    In personally i prefer to process. yeas process will influence the product but as a teacher i want my students pass the process first.
    i don’t like something instant, because the product itself not as better as the long process.
    why do i emphasize in process because we are in the learning process and the important thing is not a final and after that mark but the process to get the final/ product. if my students know the transition for both of them, they will do the best for everything they will do ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I apreciate you ov,, every person has their own preferences. But lets to think globally, Is that preference apropriate with the condition of students, writing or its task???
      Remenmber that both of the two are the the tecnic, the way to support learner’s learning, and no worst of the two. So, lets be wise. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ovnica and Faris, consider about the process itself, it means that we need a long time to go through one by one. Let’s say one process in one time. Is it possible to do it in the real class (45 minutes)?

    Actually, I don’t really like writing lesson. Some conditions are not good in class, such as : each student has different way in writing, the situation that can effect the student performance in writing.
    So, diyah, I need your suggestion about my dilemma.
    Thanks a lot :))

    • Hi ummi, don’t burden you with both of the terms. Actually there is no dilemma between process and product because, as I mentioned above, they actually influence and complete each other.
      sometimes we more emphasis on the product or in the process. those conditions, in fact, are made depends on the condition of the students, time, task and the classroom. So, Lets think globally and be wise to use them.
      That’s my sugession ummi… any comment?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Yap, writing is a journey. It needs first draft, 2nd draft, third draft and so forth. It needs revision, editing grammar and so on. So, this is the process of writing but some people always think dominantly about the product. In fact, the process itself is a gold moment in learning. is that right?

  5. absolutely yes, dedep. We can say that process is the gold moment when we write somethings. So, let’s do our best to get a lot of improvement in the process in order to get the best final product of writing!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. process may only affect the doers,
    however, the “products” can affect anyone who see them. even though they are not aware of the process at first.

    so if you want to improve yourself, and a glimpse of people who are involved in your project,
    do only process.

    if you want to make people aware of your process, the result, and your conclusion,
    create the product.

    anyone with me? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    nulis ndik dyah pisan, cekno gag jeles mbeg faris :p

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