School Visit Semester 3 (Part-3): Learning by Teaching

For this second week, we entered were class of XII and X grades and they were very challenging. In these classes, I found that the students were allowed to bring their cell phones, laptop, i-phone (used to listen to the music while they did the work) into classroom but they should use them properly. In English lesson, students mostly used their cell phones to look for the meaning of words, but not all students did that. Another interesting case is that I always found 2-3 students who were laying their head on the table during the lesson. When I asked them, they answered that it’s because they had stayed up all night and mostly they said “sorry, I really feel asleep” when I asked them. My master teacher was never angry at them. He just gave them advice and motivated them. Though, what I liked from the students was they were active to ask about what they didn’t understand. For me, it didn’t matter for them to bring their own tools unless they engaged, understood and didn’t disturb others in the process of learning.

In XII classes, as teacher assistants, we just reviewed the twelve types of text. We invited the students to analyze the differences among the texts, we explained the parts that students didn’t understand and then we conducted the pre-test which waas done individually. The activity was actually a part of my master teacher lesson plan and we were asked to apply them clearly and prepare the material. As the result, I thought the learning happened quite effectively. The students could analyze and respond what we explained although some of them couldn’t memorize the generic structure (it’s not a big problem :-)). Yet what made learning ineffective was when the class happened in the afternoon. For instance, the case I found at that time was when AC in the class we were going to teach didn’t run so that the room was really hot and students were too noisy. Because of that, my master teacher immediately moved the class to language laboratory and changed the pre-test which was different from previous class. What I learn from this situation is that teachers should be flexible in facilitating the students. Teachers have to notice every changes of class situation and quickly decide other strategic so that learning happens effectively.

For X grades, the students should learn to identify narrative, recount, and procedure text. Now, we got an opportunity to create and apply our lesson plan. Firstly, we began the class by giving the students an ice breaking. We asked them to update their status about what they are thinking/feeling about those three texts. This way was actually successful because we could know how big the enthusiasm and the first attention of them to the topic. The students also could construct their prior knowledge about the topic for their own status. Secondly, we explained the topic which we had prepared on the slide. We sometimes asked and invited them to ask to get responses. For the task, we asked them to create a picture telling one of the three texts in group of six so that there were six groups, then after 20 minutes they should perform their picture. They could perform in drama, storytelling, or others in term all members should engage in performance. Wonderful! I found they could make a discussion and explain each other about the parts they didn’t understand in groups.

Anyway, the collaborative work didn’t success completely. I saw that there were some students didn’t contribute to the discussion and they played other thing that wasn’t related with the topic. Therefore, to complete the learning, I thought it was better to give individual practice as their homework and asked them to make reflection about what they had learned at the end of the lesson. For a proposal, because almost students bring the tools I said above, I think utilizing those tools to support students learning will be more attractive, for example, to make presentation, record the pronunciation, listening practice and so on. 😉



6 thoughts on “School Visit Semester 3 (Part-3): Learning by Teaching

  1. So, do you think collaborative learning did not work at all in that class?or did it only happen for some students? If you had an opportunity to vary the activities in that class, what would you choose beside giving individual practice?

    • I mean that collaborative learning cannot cover all learning activity. that’s why, it is important to combine one instruction with others, for example, individual study. that would be more variety.

  2. Ya, i agree with you diyah, the instructional strategies in teaching and learning will be better if combined for finally conduct various effective activities. And, as the teacher, we should be able to take the opportunity in sorts of conditions, for example, because students seems like can not live without cellphone, why don’t we (teacher) use it to design learning activity with that tool. what do you think about it diyah? I have article which relates with it in my blog

    • Yup,
      that means, as teachers, we should improve our creativity and innovation. and classroom conditions actually can be our inspirations to become creative and innovative. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. dyahhh
    heheh your experience same with me
    when i did the school experience for teaching assistant i find many student get boring and sleeping during the lesson. i felt very sad, you know it happenedbecause the teacher didint teach well. she just read the text book and ask the student write down again in their book

    • not only you and me, some our friends also feel that experience during school experience, iik… to make more effective learning, teacher also shoud learn continually.
      That’s why I give an title “learning by teaching” because the main action we did is learnig and teaching is one of the way.

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