School Visit Semester 3 (Part-2): Being A Teacher Assistant

Let me share my experience as a teacher assistant during school experience program (SEP) ! 🙂  .. The school I observed is actually still same with the previous post. Have enjoy!! 🙂

Based on the classes I observed, the teacher use direct instruction and individual study as his strategy for students learning. Teacher began by explaining the topic using presentation. After that, he gave the task to the students individually to describe their product. Then students should present their work to the teacher. When I asked to the teacher, actually, the main purpose of the task was that students could practice their English speaking and listening skill. At that time, teacher gave about 30 minutes for students to prepare their own product and presentation, after that students should speak to present it about 2-3 minutes to me and my friends as the teacher assistants who divided into six blocks. However, when there were no us (teacher assistant), students would only present to my master teacher one by one.

During the preparation, some students seemed enthusiastic to the task, while some others seemed lazy to do it. The condition of the class was very noisy because there were some students who talking with other students and making joke by themselves. Nevertheless, all students did the task. As a teacher assistant, I had a duty to help the students, for example, answered their questions, helped to find idea and monitored them by moving around. So did my master teacher. Then, what was the result? When I listened to their presentation one by one, I found their great idea of the product and their enthusiast to try speaking English well. However, the class became noisier because students who had done presentation didn’t have any tasks anymore so that they seemed free to do something even taking photo together in front of the class.

The students really practiced to speak English by presenting their own product and noticed my comment well. It was one proof that learning happened effectively. Even I found some of them still confused about what they did and their difficulty to present their product. Besides that, individual study and personal teacher approach was also effective here, because every student really did the task by themselves and they were excited to ask personally to us. On the other hand, the crowded classroom really disturbed their learning. No activity during the time after students’ presentation also made them only waited for the end of the class and didn’t encourage them to learn anymore.

If I had to be a teacher who taught that class, in the beginning I would use the same direct instruction to the students because actually almost students didn’t understand about the topic. To make the learning in the class more effective and efficient, I think it would be better when the students did the task and presentation in group because the time would be useless when one teacher should assess 35 students about 3 minutes for each. While other students could listened to the presentation and gave some responds. Those would be more interactive. In addition, I think individual study could be applied for students’ homework.



4 thoughts on “School Visit Semester 3 (Part-2): Being A Teacher Assistant

  1. could you tell me what is the most problem when you did as an assistant teacher
    did you find some dificulties???????////

    • I say no problems, but they are all about challenge. For example, I always got nervous in the beginning of the class especially when I was teaching, but after the next minutes I could get my confidence. The other challengge is about the students diversity, their different style in learning. Those challenge mmade me think more, how to create an effective teaching and learning more effective, and still with my master teacher guide. 🙂

  2. I think, this experience like a diamond that we can make us “smile” someday when we have been teacher. eemm,,may all everything weather positive or negative things that we have gotten can be best lesson for our future diyah..amin..:-)

    • Yani… I like the way you think abaut. Absolutely I agree with you, it’s like don’t learn not only from our achievement but also from our fail, do we?? 🙂
      Because by getting two of the we can filter what the best and then learning happens.

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