Acting as a teacher might be played by some girls when they were in the childhood. And so did I. Since I was a little girl, I had planned some ideals what I want to be in the future and one of them is becoming a teacher. At that time, I thought that being a teacher was a respectable profession especially for women.

When I was in Vocational High School, I ever joint a course as an English instructor assistant. This experience was fully pleasant for me to learn together with some students who are still in kindergarten or elementary school. This experience also encourages me to think that a teacher is the excellent person who should work and learn continuously. On the other hand, becoming a teacher is challenging. I can say like that because of my experience before studying here.  At that time, I often met teacher who I thought he/she is very clever but not good in teaching. I never thought he/she is an ineffective teacher because I still didn’t understand what effective teacher means. I only thought when I am a teacher, I won’t be like him/her.

As I study in Education English Program here, I seem like a teacher candidate. I consider, however, that I have been a teacher, especially for myself. This thought comes because before I teach people, It will be better that I must be able to teach myself first, won’t it? If teachers should prepare something, facilitate, teach, and assess their students, I will strive to do that to myself too.

Once again, becoming an effective and professional teacher is my goal. “Effective”. This word is quite simple to say. It also has a great meaning, doesn’t it? But how to be the effective teacher also needs a great effort. Learning about all subjects in this semester is one of my efforts to be the effective.  (dyah) ^_^

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2 thoughts on “Teacher?

  1. Act as a teacher? I just almost love it.. 😀
    I experienced it too–(I mean when I was child), at that time I was very proud for being a (amateur) teacher. Yet I will be the really (professional) teacher. So do you.. 😀

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