English Pronunciation – The Challenges

Pronouncing English words becomes one of Indonesia students’ challenges because its pronunciation is very different from Bahasa Indonesia. Firstly, Bahasa Indonesia has the same spelling and pronunciation whereas there are a lot of inconsistencies between the spelling and the pronunciation in English. For example, the word “man” will be pronounced as the same as /man/, on the other hand, it will be pronounced /men/ in English. In addition, English is not Indonesian native language so that the mother tongue especially the regional language accent is also the challenges in learning English pronunciation. Learning English pronunciation is also supported by the availability of models through TV, radio and internet. Using these tools really help students to understand in learning pronunciation. For example, students can double check the words they have known through the entertainment using these tools.

The problems I may face when learn to pronounce English word together with other students is about their ignorance between the spelling and the pronunciation in English. The ways I think can help them to overcome this problem are by integrating English music, video, and etc. into teaching and learning so that they can indefinitely learn how to pronounce every single English words by themselves. Beside students will get the correct pronunciation, through music or video, they also can practice their listening comprehensions skill.

Image: http://clg.coventry.gov.uk/ccm/navigation/learning-and-the-curriculum/primary/subjects/ict/school-resource-exchange/


7 thoughts on “English Pronunciation – The Challenges

  1. In my opinion,… teacher is not the only key. As in learning something, both of internal and external motivation are needed. So, the students itself have to have high willing and spirit. While the teacher teaches them with the unique method. Something like applying the phonology indirectly. 🙂

    • Both teacher and students and even the technology bring their particular role making successful learning. It will be better when teacher can create some activities that teacher and student can elaborate for a fun and meaningful learning. In addition, technology is used to support the activities.

  2. Diyah.., I think your last paragraph is a true phenomenon. I really experience it when I was studying in high school, even I do now. I feel that watching video/movie and listening to the music is really effective for language learning.. 😀

    • ^_^
      You might be better in visual, Ri… As my suggestion, perhaps you can utilize your visual learning style to enhance your learning.

    • Yah umi…, i agree with you. As a teacher, we shouldn’t depend on the technology it self. However, the importance is how we can maximize to use those technologies to support our teaching and learning. ^_^

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