Art-Craft Conceptions

As teahers, we are encourage to master many concept of teaching. There are so many concept underlying the teaching style. One of them is art-craft conceptions. This concept believe about the powerful teachers’ individual skill and personality. I don’t assume that this is the teaching among all, but it’s choice. So, let’s explore it! The explanations I write in the following here are based on my experience during I study and my surroundings.

According to me, in Indonesia, quality education needs quality teachers. Teachers are the facilitator in learning by using their particular approaches to the lessons and the students. The approaches teachers use extremely determine the students’ understanding. My experience, however, find that students who “dislike” either to the teachers teaching methods or to the subject causes their “ignorance”. This students’ ignorance should encourage the teachers to build up their teaching skills not only in teaching method but also knowing the students psychology to create a pleasant impression on the lesson. In addition, teachers are encouraged to develop personal approach of teaching, treat each teaching situation as unique, involve the students more active in learning activities, and make a lesson to be “FUN”. Another case I find is how the teachers face the students’ diversity in a class. We know all students have their special intelligences which are different among others and influence how they catch up the lessons. These differences also encourage the teachers to be innovative thinking, critically identify the students’ characteristic of each learning situation, be creative and bring the interactive and practical teaching.

In conclusion, art-craft conceptions are one of the most conceptions needed for Indonesia. However, other conceptions also needed to complete each other. Learning should hold the particular theory and principle and have education values. Since teaching individual skill and personality is important thing of learning, how do we (teachers) develop them?



3 thoughts on “Art-Craft Conceptions

  1. Actually each conceptions have their best and weakness. And the important thing is how teacher utilize those concepts into comprehensive methods.

  2. Actually I have same opinion with you about the best method to be applied in Indonesia. I also choose art-craft method.. ^0^
    Personally , I believe that teachers can delivered the material successfully if they have unique skills. they performance is the main point of this method. The way teacher encourage their student also the important thing in this method.

    According to me though the lesson is very difficult but if the teacher can explain it meaningfully, the students will get the point and more understand about the material.. ^0^

    your post is good , I like it..

    My question is is this method already applied in Indonesia?

    • I’m so sorry that I can not confidently answer this method is already applied by all teachers in Indonesia because I don’t have sufficient evidence of it. Actually, as I know, this method is already applied by some teachers or they combine this method with another methods that teachers think best for their students. Anyway, although I prefer art craft conceptions to the other conceptions, It would be better we can combine all the conceptions based on what students need. Do you agree…..
      Thank you, Rita… ^_^

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